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Fake Finished Ballet Nails

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Color: A1

Product Information:
Size: 13.5*6.8*1.2CM
Net content: 24 pieces
Nail Products Category: Nail Tools
Color: JP850[Wearing glue in paper box],JP851[Wearing glue in paper box],JP852[Wearing glue in paper box],JP853[Wearing glue in paper box],JP854[Wearing glue in paper box 】, JP855 [wearing glue in a paper box], JP856 [wearing glue in a paper box], JP857 [wearing glue in a paper box], JP858 [wearing glue in a paper box], JP860 [wearing glue in a paper box 】,Jp862【carton pack wearing glue style】,JP863[carton pack wearing glue style],JP864[carton pack wearing glue style],JP865[carton pack wearing glue style],JP913[carton pack wearing glue style 】
Specification: 24 pieces
Gram weight: 18G


Nail Art X1

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