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Non-slip rubber mat

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Size: L

Made of 100% PVC material, it is one of the safest materials in contact with tableware and glassware; they are safe, tasteless and tasteless; environmentally friendly!

This pad provides optimal drainage and friction. Whether you want to pour a martini glass from the dishwasher on the mat and dry the air, or place a mixed drink on it to carry the waitress' table, this mat makes the beverage service more convenient and clean.

Very easy to clean, just place the mat above the sink and let the liquid drain away. Rinse with warm water. It is recommended to wash by hand to keep the pad in the desired shape and condition.

The stiff surface allows airflow under wet glass to dry the air quickly and effectively, and provides a non-slip surface. The mat also helps absorb random leaks or splashes;

Dirty and unfortunate accidents occur every day. Please purchase a high-quality bar mat to prevent dust from entering. Our anti-skid pads are very practical and are also a drainage system to prevent possible contamination. Black will be the perfect addition to the bar or any surface in the bar.

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