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Nail electric grinding machine

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Color: Gold
Model: UK

Product Features:

     This product is specially designed for nail grinding. The appearance of the mainframe is very metallic, with a constant current and constant pressure safety isolation movement. With a modified handle, the handle has a beautiful appearance and is easy to hold with a streamlined design. Adjust the shifting knob on the main unit, and the main unit can perform manual shifting. (Easy to convert between 0-35000 rpm) The host external forward and reverse transfer switch can be adjusted as needed. Equipped with a foot operated switch that can be operated from both hands.

     1. English packaging.

     2. The handle can be reversed.

     3. Adjustable speed pedal.

     4. Adjustable speed host.

     5. Distribute six sets of grinding heads in different shapes.

【Technical Parameters】:

     1. Input / output voltage: AC110-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz.
     2. Product power: DC0-18V.

     3. Output power: 15W

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