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In-ear sports headphones

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Color: Black

1. Wireless binaural stereo, separation of left and right ear channels, HIFI sound effect
2. The left and right ears can be used separately (mono), can be used together in pairs (stereo)
3. It is ergonomic, small in size and easy to carry.
3. Lanxun Bluetooth solution, Bluetooth version 5.0, using 2.4GHZ Bluetooth frequency band
4. Both left and right ears have built-in 40mAh special customized steel shell rechargeable lithium battery
5. Bluetooth distance: barrier-free straight-line distance 10-15 meters, barrier-free 360 ° any angle 10 meters
6. Battery life: continuous listening to songs on one ear for up to 5 hours, continuous listening on both ears for up to 3.5 hours; standby on single ear for 120 hours, and standby on both ears for 60 hours
7. Charging: Charge the battery in the storage mode and quickly charge the battery 100% in 60 minutes. The storage box has a built-in 300MAH battery, which can be charged 3 times in a row.
8. Built-in high sensitivity (-38db) MIC

Color: black, white, black red, black blue, black and white, white blue, white gold, white rose, white red

Box Pack: 100x38x150cm,
Weight: 140g

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