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Plush Toy Bag Pendant Key Ring

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Color: Capabala Capybara Turtle 12cm
Height: Ruler As Shown In Color

Product information:
Color: capabala (capybara) strawberry-12cm, capabala (capybara) turtle-12cm, capabala (capybara) toast-12cm, capabala (capybara) strawberry (bead necklace type)-12cm, capabala (capybara) turtle (bead necklace type)-12cm, capabala (capybara) ordinary type-12cm, capabala (capybara) chicken-12cm, capabala (capybara) duck-12cm, with hair capybara-25cm, with hair capybara-38cm, without hair capybara-25cm, no hair capybara-38cm, ring pop capybara-20cm
Packing method: net pocket
Height: ruler as shown in color




Packing list:
Doll pendant×1 

 Product Image:  


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